Crown Lake Productions

We believe in storytelling. And the power of images, moving pictures, music and words to bring a story to life. So we created Crown Lake Productions — an internal digital production facility of shooters, storytellers, editors and makers dedicated to telling amazing stories that are both beautifully realized and efficiently produced. 


In November of 2014 the Nelson Family and JR team returned to Africa to once again be inspired by the culture, the art, and the natural beauty. Traveling 24,752 miles, in 6 countries over 23 days, the story of One World is shared every time you visit Kalahari Resorts.

Kalahari Resorts  |  One World

Kalahari / Mini Doc / Episode 1: One Love

Kalahari / Mini Doc / Episode 2: One Wild Bunch

Kalahari / Mini Doc / Episode 3: One Safari


JR and LifeProof created The Inner Voice series to find out what makes some of the highest performing people in the world so remarkable. Because we believe the proof is in living life without limits.

LifeProof  |  The Inner Voice

LifeProof / Branded Content / "The Inner Voice"

LifeProof / Branded Content / "Man and the Machine"


JR Productions created a series of films to demonstrate the myriad ways OtterBox Protects Your Mobile World.

OtterBox  |  Makes The Case For Protection

OtterBox / Pre-Roll / :15 / "The Case for Frosting"

OtterBox / Branded Content / "Certified Drop+ Protection"

OtterBox / Branded Content / "This is Alpha Glass"


We worked with the Buddig family to create a series of films that focus on today’s busier-than-ever families, bringing new family traditions to life. 

Buddig  |  Make More Than A Sandwich

Buddig / Television / :60 / "Ice Time"


We worked with our BOSS client to create a series of films and a suite of images to showcase the integrity and determination of BOSS employees as well as the snowplow community we serve.

BOSS Snowplows  |  BOSS Backs You Up

BOSS Snowplows / Branded Content / :45 / "Restore Order"

BOSS Snowplows / Branded Content / :60 / "Good Weld"


We Started Something by hitting the road with our OPTIMA client to cover races in every corner of the country and find the heart and soul of racing culture in America. 

OPTIMA Batteries  |  Start Something

OPTIMA Batteries / Television / :30 / "Anthem"

OPTIMA Batteries / Television / :30 / "Perseverance"

OPTIMA Batteries / Television / :30 / "Family"


We worked with our Henry Weinhard's client to create a story straight from Henry’s legendary past.

Henry Weinhard's  |  The Fountain

Henry Weinhard's / Television / :30 / "The Fountain"


A series of films that brought to life what Miller Time means in Wisconsin.

Miller Lite  |  Game On Wisconsin

Miller Lite / Television / :30 / "Miller Park"

Miller Lite / Television / :30 / "Your Pack"