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We hope that all our work has a positive influence — that it makes someone smile, think and act. But sometimes, we get to do truly great work that makes the world a better place. And that’s our favorite kind. It takes a strong purpose, a will for good, and a powerful idea. Luckily, those three have coincided a number of times, allowing us to push up our sleeves and make a difference. 

These are assignments we're happy to dedicate time and resources to because we think they're great.

Companies that are breathing the AIR:


SnowCare for Troops:

BOSS exists to BACK YOU UP, and our nation’s military does the same. That’s why BOSS honors wounded and disabled veterans and active duty members and their families with free snow and ice removal services.


Water Slide/Drinkable Book/Nelson Mandela Poster Project:

We are One World. Despite the miles that separate us, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions seeks to narrow the gap by uniting two nations under acts of good. Through research and insights, we’ve helped the brand create partnerships with the Rwandan government, Water is Life, and the Nelson Mandela Poster Project to bring fun, clean water, and art to places where they’ll make a difference.



Chamberlain Trip to India:

Extraordinary nurses are shaped by extraordinary experiences. Every year, Chamberlain students head to India to care for people living in leper colonies and slums, and while they change locals’ lives, the locals change their lives. We went along to document this incredible journey that Chamberlain affords its students.


Canoes for a Cause:

Leinenkugel's is about bringing people together to appreciate good company and the great outdoors. So it's only fitting that when the company wanted to help the world in a bigger way, we looked outside. Canoes for a Cause partners with local companies to keep waterways clean. And afterwards, everyone celebrates with ice-cold beer and perfectly paired fare.