MillerCoors Stands for Quality.


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The Challenge

To achieve a more relevant presence, and deeper share of mind, in our brewery communities.

The solution

Quality beer stories – a series of narratives highlight the people that not only make great beer, but make a difference in their community


Branded Content / :90 / "Anthem"


Our client’s breweries make a real difference in every community they operate in. We wanted to demonstrate that difference though real, personal stories of community—how the brewery partnered with its people to change things—to make things a little better. So we created “Quality Beer Stories” for the brand—but more importantly—for the community. Each a genuine portrait of some pretty cool  people that not only make great beer, but make a great deal of difference where they live.


Branded Content / “The Home Team”

Branded Content / “Local Farmers”

Branded Content / “Local Joints”