OtterBox: Protecting Your Mobile World

OtterBox is protecting your mobile world.





Your phone is one of the most personal things you own. Shouldn't it be protected in a way that fits you? That's what OtterBox believes and how we started out this campaign.


Pre-Roll / :30 / "The Case For You"

Pre-Roll / :30 / "The Case for Frosting"

Branded Content / :45 / "Certified Drop+ Protection"


And we're making the case for protection where and when people need it most.


Digital Out-Of-Home / "OtterBox Makes The Case For Protection" 


We invited platforms and partners to help us personalize the mobile world.


Digital / Spotify Page Takeover 

Digital / The Stir Home Page Takeover



Then we hit the road for 73 event days on the #OtterTour across America.




Events & Experiential / "Otter Tour" 


Then we created a wide content library that could be carried across multiple OtterBox platforms.


Content Library / "OtterBox Makes the Case For Protection" 


At the end of the day:

OtterBox is the #1 most-trusted case in protection, and our campaign is making its way across the mobile world as the OtterBox global campaign.