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You don’t need to think outside of the box when there is no box. All ideas, however wild, crazy or unheard of are worth considering. And sometimes, they’re dang good and need to be brought to life. That’s why we partner with startups and emerging companies we find promising. Companies that are doing nontraditional, interesting work. And we help them. In nontraditional ways. Because lifting others up doesn’t bring you down.


Companies currently in the lab: 


T6 is a revolutionary health care software that can, quite literally, save lives. So it's not hard to see why we at JR think T6 is pretty incredible. The user-friendly health system optimizes the way trauma centers operate, increasing the chances of success. We wanted the world to know — just at a glance — how truly forward-thinking T6 is. So we partnered with them to build their app from the ground up in a way that's current, disruptive and clean. The software is now being beta tested in hospitals across America.   




Outward is making waves with a new visual merchandising tool that combines Art + Science in a smart way. To make online product photography more turn key, they replaced traditional photography with rapidly produced and infinitely manipulable visuals that highlight products from any angle and in any color, texture or environment. Smart, right? We thought so, too. They just needed a website that explained the process in an easily digestible way, because though the technology is complicated, the experience is simple and understanding it should be too. Through custom illustrations and animations and carefully constructed language, we were able to give the brand a look and voice that does the concept justice. 

If you have a project you think would be great for JR Labs, contact us!