Creating Stories That Sell

We create stories that sell.


Every brand needs a purpose. To answer why we work together, what we seek to accomplish, and how we can make it happen. The transition from purpose, to insight, to story, and ultimately sales is the magic of people working together. Telling stories that demonstrate conviction, are interesting, invite participation and ultimately sell is a fun way to make a living. The opportunities are limitless is you are willing to work hard enough and stay the course.

As we have been working through purpose, conviction, story and experiences for our clients, we have found our own. We create stories that sell. Planning the sale when we create the story. Being interesting, and designing experiences that invite active participation. And ultimately create sales. From truth to transactions our goal is to persuade someone to buy our clients products. But like cobblers children, we sometimes struggle to tell our own story. So we are going to try, and share what we have learned. Hopefully you will find it useful, or interesting, or if we are lucky both.

Selling products is ultimately the work of any advertising agency. Yet many want to be something else, avoiding ultimate accountability. For us, that’s when it gets fun. When it works and our clients succeed. Break new ground and lead their categories. Stories create shortcuts to meaning and as people, we search for meaning each day. To belong to something, participate, make a difference, share experiences is really what we seek. Stories help us to get there, and brands that tell the best one’s ultimately win.


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