World of Beer: Drink it in

the world can be a pretty amazing place
when you drink it in.


World Of Beer


We established a distinct, relevant and meaningful positioning for WOB as the go-to spot for those who like to see the world through a pint glass. 


Brand Strategy / "Drink it in"


Then we went to school, by creating a World of Beer School App, with test questions crafted by some of the most dynamic craft brewers in the country. The best part? Homework.


Digital / "Beer School"


In summer, we hit the road with a social campaign, #WOBTrip, sharing and celebrating beer adventures all around the country.


SocialRetail / #WOBTrip


And we created a series of in-tavern events to help people drink it in and celebrate every season in the World of Beer.


Retail / "Journey Through Pilsners"


And we even opened up the menu to explore all the incredible flavors of fall.


Retail / "Fall Pints and Plates"


We wanted our photography to be a reflection of a true tavern experience.
So we went out and captured content that captures that spirit.


Content Library / "Drink it in"

At the end of the day: 

We reached over a million people, drove thousands of entries to win a #WOBTrip and boosted sales.